Friday, July 6, 2012

Envelope Liners

As a designer with a textile background for more than 10 years, I am naturally drawn to repeats and patterning. My design aesthetic is very clean and crisp and as I continue to develop my brand one of my most favorite stages in the design process is the creation of envelope liners.

Some custom stationery designers rarely include this in their product lines and may be even overlooked by customers but to Bleu Ink Paperie it is a signature piece of our brand and makes us stand out from the crowd.  Although, the time required for inserted these liners can be a lot of extra time, the final product adds a very charming addition to the overall look.

I spend extra time printing and cutting in my home studio but I enjoy this process as it gives me the hand-made experience that I pride myself on.  I believe it adds another dimension to the custom stationery designs that my clients seek out.  As always, feel free contact me either at my store or on Facebook.  Thank you.

Meg Seccombe


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